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Smart Ways of Using Instagram for Your Business

You don't have to be a photographer to benefit from the perks of an Instragram account. It's not just about the photos you post there, you know? Social networks are a big hit nowadays. People and businesses alike want to be noticed and admired. So, what can you do to make sure that you're noticed on Instagram? Today, I'm going to tell you about the 3 top methods that will help businesses use Instagram for their own advantage. Paying attention to hashtags, using creative photos/videos and interacting with your audience will have a positive outcome on getting your message heard.

Use cool hashtags when posting your photos

The fantastic thing about hashtags is that they allow other Instagram users to take a look at photos that are in their area of interest. You do not have to limit your hashtags to the topic of your photo as there are numerous others that can be related to it, depending on the filter that you have used or if you consider it the photo of the day and so on. If we're talking about the photo of the day, the hashtag should be #photooftheday. Also, if you're thinking about organizing a contest, use a relevant hashtag that will bring Instagram users to you! For instance, online clothing shop Lulu's organizes contests all the time and uses the hashtags #win, #lulus, #lovelulus for every single one of them. Every contest gets hundreds or even thousands of likes!

Think outside the box

Whenever you're thinking about making a photo or a video that you want to post on Instagram, try to find an original approach of the topic. Do not just post a photo of a product. Find a way to present it that will make shoppers like it and want to own it right away. You're not forced to use Instagram filters. You can look for others and for all sorts of apps that allow you to make a collage of photos. If you are thinking about a more daring way of promoting your business on Instagram, make a video. If you take a peek at Lulu's Instagram profile, you'll see fantastic and original photos. You won't be able to take your eyes off the pictures posted there. Lulu's has over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. So can you!

Interaction is the key

Do not wait for Instagram users to follow you just because you use fancy hashtags or post original looking photos. Even some of them will follow you, this does not guarantee that they will keep track of what you post there. Be active! Interact with them! Give them tips on how they could use your products to improve the quality of their lives. For instance, Lulu's has posted a photo on their Instagram profile that comes with the following description "We spot something extra cute for this week's #ManiMonday by @hannahroxit! Embrace your inner girly-girl with this sugary sweet pink and silver polka dot mani."

Being popular on Instagram can help you boost your sales numbers. However, this can only be possible if you use the right hashtags, post creative photos and interact with other Instragram users. Fortunately, there are other tools that you could use to design the most efficient marketing campaign for your business. Just look around and take advantage of every good tip you stumble upon. Get more followers every day. After all, you never know when one of those followers will become a future customer.