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Get your music heard with SoundCloud in 2014

Being an artist in today's world is easier in some ways and more complicated in others. It's easier because there are all sorts of promotional tools that you can use to create an online fan base. You also have SoundCloud, a fantastic platform for musicians. The complicated part is getting your music heard. Today, I'm going to tell you more about 3 great tips that will help you make some noise on SoundCloud. Through staying engaged, hosting remix contests and getting in contact with other bands, you will definitely make people aware of your art.

Communication is key

One of the most important rules that you should follow involves staying active on all social media websites, especially on SoundCloud. Whatever you do, do not forget to post links on Facebook, Twitter and so on to your tracks on SoundCloud. Respond to comments and post tracks as often as possible. This is a way that you can stay on top of your success. That's the thing with the online world. When something doesn't work, you go for the next idea. If Facebook is more useful for your fan base, use it more often. There are so many ways of staying engaged and communicating with followers that you can't even imagine. For example, Labirinth uses this promotional method constantly and his fan base is of 71,937 only on SoundCloud.

Try some remix contests

What better way of showing your fans that you care about their opinion and talent? Who knows? Maybe you'll stumble upon a remix that can really change the way you see your own music. This is a pretty easy thing to do and it only takes a bit of commitment of your part as well as an interesting prize. However, in the end, the winner will still be you. The number of followers will increase and the comments you'll be getting will be more and more appreciative. If you check out Labirinth on SoundCloud, you'll notice that he's no stranger to remix contests. Think in baby steps and fight for the world's attention. It will be worth it!

Keep in touch with other bands

By acknowledging that there are other bands that deserve the same recognition that yours does, you will not only make some new allies, but you'll have your music shared by many more SoundCloud users. This is the easiest method of promoting your band on SoundCloud, but also the most effective one. You just have to repost some songs that you like and that's it. Labirinth is the type of artist that shares all sorts of songs on his profile, including the work of others. Visit his profile and use the same strategies for your own band.

SoundCloud is a fantastic platform for musicians that want to make it. If you communicate, host contests and keep in touch with bands, the results will be seen in the near future. Meanwhile, make use of fantastic tools that you can stumble upon online and create convincing marketing campaigns. The satisfaction of seeing your band become popular will compensate for all the hard work. Keep this in mind while trying the strategies posted above and do everything possible to get your music heard!