SocialBoost Blog

We love social media so much, we can't stop talking about it! is born!

Since 2010, our organization has been providing Twitter Followers, YouTube Views, Facebook Fans and more to hundreds of our clients.

Why do we provide this service? Simple: everybody likes to be associated with success. When you visit the Twitter page of a business, and there are only 3 followers, what are your thoughts? Probably not positive ones. By giving small businesses a head start on their social media profiles, we help them create a positive view in their future customer's mind. The message it gives to customers is, "we care enough about our image so that you take us seriously". In a nutshell, that is what we do.

Before, the service was always available on an per-request basis. A client would email us, requesting a specific service, and we would email back with pricing and a timeline for delivery. Then a few days later we would email the client notifying them their order was delivered.

Obviously... this was not working. With our client list growing in the hundreds, we could no longer keep up with demand! We had to find a better, more productive way.

It is from this idea that was born! We can now better serve our hundreds of existing clients as well as grow into the tens of thousands.

We hope you will join us in our goal to help small businesses develop traction on social media.