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How SoundCloud can help your music business

If musicians used to be artists that went big or went home, today's world is very different. Your band can be extremely successful and gain international recognition or it can just be really appreciated locally. Nevertheless, if you have not heard about it, SoundCloud may be the difference between your band playing in your parents' garage or on a real stage! Today I'm going to talk about 3 fantastic methods that will help your band thrive. I'm calling them the "Do it and Get Bags of Fan Letters" strategy. Through the use of sharing, offering free tracks and commenting, you'll be letting others know that your band is out there. The results will be seen soon enough.

Share your music

When looking for ways to promote your band, you should not just count on creating a new account on SoundCloud. Create it and take it further. Post your tracks and join the right groups. Share your songs on all the existing social media websites out there, starting with SoundCloud. Link your accounts, post your songs on your Facebook feed and just make the world notice you. It's not like there aren't thousands other bands that are trying to do the same. So, be original and make sure that music lovers do see you! Krewella is just a band that started off the same way you did. They've taken online promotion seriously. Sharing their songs has become their second nature and they've made it! So could you!

Reply to fans out there

How do you feel whenever you check out your SoundCloud profile? Excited? So do fans that can't wait to read comments and replies written by bands that they have listened to. If you want to create the right opportunity to be noticed, you should invest some time into reading comments and replying to some of them. Be honest and wait for replies. This is a strategy that will not only help you get more fans and create a reputation, but also create a strong bond between your band and your own fans base. Krewella can testify to that. This is just another great method that they've used to make a name for themselves online.

Offer free songs

People react to free stuff. Regardless if we're talking about one, two or three songs that you allow people to download for free, your fan base will not stop growing. You can not just offer them the opportunity to listen to them online. You should allow them to upload your music on their smartphones and iPods and just listen to your band's tracks until they feel like they need to buy your album. This will happen. You just need to show them what you've got and that you are doing all off this for them. Fans will react and your band will experience the success that you've all been working for. "Free music is the No. 1 way for an artist to break," says Krewella manager Jake Udell.

You may find it challenging to help create your own fan base. However, there are other online tools that can help. Invest time in sharing, commenting and offering free tracks to your fans. Then, take a look at what tools can be found out there to help you grow your fan base exponentially. Use everything you've got at your disposal and you'll see what success tastes like!