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Daring Strategies for Involving Vine in Your Marketing Campaigns

Do you know that saying regarding the fact that a photo can say a thousand words? Well, how about a six-second video? The online world is filled with opportunities for businesses to promote their products and services. Vine is one of them. Just think about the fact that you can entice consumers with short videos that can change their lives. This is the way that you should look at Vine. Today, I'm going to tell you about the 3 greatest ways of involving Vine in your marketing strategies. If you pay attention to sneak-peeks, creativity and getting votes, Vine will be great for your business.

Shoot a preview!

Businesses have always looked for ways to make consumers curious regarding their products. For instance, there are certain commercials that start presenting a product and tell you a bit about the big picture. However, due to the fact that it is only made of bits, you can not see the overall picture. This will just get your attention. The same goes with Vine. If you want to make consumers intrigued about what you have to say, juts make a Vine video. It's only 6 seconds, but it can say a lot. For instance, the magazine Bon Appetit has made a list of 10 videos of preparing different dishes. The videos do not show the final results clearly, so you'll be forced to do a little bit of research and just go through their magazine.

Make creative videos

Do not shoot something that stands still. It is too boring and web surfers will not lose 6 seconds of their lives for something dull. However, if you can find a way to create a story with a 6 second video, then you will surely impress the audience! Put your creativity to work and see how the video turns out. Bon Appetit has made great videos that show just how the cook uses different ingredients to prepare a certain dish. From ingredients to the final result, you just need 6 seconds! The more creative you are, the more followers you will get.

Get votes and increase your online popularity

You do not have to come up with a video that will revolutionise the way Vine is used. You just have to think about ways of making these vines more interesting for the audience. Interact with consumers by making a few of them and asking for votes regarding the video that they like most. Involve followers in the decisions that you make for your business or in contests where they could win something if they tell you their opinion and vote. If you want to entice users in another way, you could just post videos with tips. Even a culinary magazine needs to interact with social network users. So, Bon Appetit shows web surfers how to clean their grill or how to make a sandwich in 6 seconds.

As long as you make sure that your videos will get the attention of other social network users, your business will thrive. Show a preview, use creativity and make videos that are useful for your followers. Even though you might think that 6 seconds aren't enough for a story, think about a photo and how much it can express! Nevertheless, when it comes to getting more followers, there are other easier ways of reaching your target. Check out the market and use the best tools to make your business famous. The increased sales numbers will be worth it!