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YouTube and How to Achieve Brand Recognition

Wow! This sounds really fancy! But don't worry, as this is not going to be a post about brands and really boring marketing strategies that no one has heard about.

No. The truth is that if you want to be famous or in other words - to achieve brand recognition, you need to have something unique to share, especially if we are talking about YouTube. You usually hear people say that they want to show you a video with "that funny guy" or about "how to" do different things. What do you see when you go on YouTube? Most videos can be organized in two separate categories - entertaining and informative.

In fact, it all depends on what you know or what you can do. Are you funny? Can you sing? Can you teach teenage girls how to put their make up on the right way? Then use it. Use your talent and your determination to make a name of yourself online. You do not need to be the manager of a pretty big corporation to make it on YouTube. Actually, there are certain brands that can not manage to become famous on YouTube. Why? Well, this video platform is not about ads for certain products that you must have. As mentioned before, YouTube is about videos that will keep you entertained and videos that will teach you a new skill. If you want to see ads, you have your TV for that. And it is a known fact that you can not skip them there.

Yes, you will see ads on YouTube. However, these pre-video ads are not that efficient as big brands might think. When you go on YouTube you want to see a certain video, not be bombarded by ads. You do not even watch the whole pre-video ad. Once the five seconds are done, you skip it and get to what you wanted to see all along. Instead of investing in ads, maybe you should consider other ways of promoting your business and achieving brand recognition on this video platform.

What should be the key strategy here? Most people believe that if they make YouTube celebrities talk about their business, their channel will have constant views. Unfortunately, this is not true. You need to do something to keep your channel alive. If the YouTube videos regarding the type of products or skill that you are trying to promote go one way, you should not fight it. If you sell nail products, you should see what the trend is on the platform. Most users upload "how to" videos. So should you. But, you can bring it up a notch and have a professional do them. Entice viewers and make them come back.

This goes for every business that wants to make it on YouTube. If your band is awesome and you want to achieve brand recognition, you just need to make yourself heard. People need to know that there is a band like yours out there. Make a great video and use online tools that can help you get the viewers that you require. Keep the content fresh and make sure that you present your skill or products in an unique manner.