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How to promote your YouTube videos in 2014

What's the first thing that you think about when you see a link to a YouTube video on one of the social media websites? Most likely it's something like - "I should see what all the is fuss about!". So, you'll click on the link. This is what most active web surfers do. Today, I'm going to tell you more about 3 ways that you could promote your YouTube videos in 2014. They're easy, simple and take just a few seconds. By posting the video on your blog, creating a channel and sharing it on all your social networking sites, raising awareness about your products will never be easier.

Post in on your blog

Every single reputable company should have a blog where it posts all sorts of articles and videos that will captivate their customers' or visitors' attention. The process is really simple. As you already have a customer base, you can post the video there, add a suggestive title and write a short, but compelling description that will make people want to click the play button. Everyone knows Coca-Cola. If you want to get at least a part of the success that this fantastic company has managed to achieve, then learn from their strategies. If you take a look at their blog, you'll see numerous blog posts that include links to YouTube videos that they want to be seen by customers.

Create your own channel

It's easier for customers to find your videos if you have your own channel. This is the type of action that you'll be able to complete in a few seconds. Just add your videos there and make it easier for web surfers to find relevant YouTube videos that have to do with your products and services. If you take a quick peek at the Coca-Cola YouTube channel, you'll find a personalized page where you can play any interesting video regarding this company. It's your choice. Even though there are millions of videos related to Coca-Cola out there, your best bet of finding the exact one that you're looking for is their channel. Do the exact same thing for your business. Your customers will be even more satisfied with what you have to offer.

Share your video

Every single business wants to make its products and services reachable to customers from all over the world. The secret is to create a profile on all the popular social networking sites. The second you create a YouTube video that you add to your channel, people will start playing it. If you want more views, share it on all the social media websites. We're talking about Facebook, Twitter and so on. Do not miss any opportunity of making people aware of the fact that you've posted a new video on YouTube. Coca-Cola surely doesn't and everyone knows about its campaigns and products.

If you're ready to use the best tools for promoting your business, then make sure that you check out the online world and see what's the best way to get people interested in what you have to say. Regarding the popularity of your YouTube video, remember to post it on your blog, to share it on social media websites and to create your own channel. Invest time in the right tools and get results that are better than expected!